Explaining Maya

An interesting video explaining Maya, the great illusion; a consequence of ignorance


4 Responses to “Explaining Maya”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    Always be careful about ‘Maya’, it is a layer between our heart and mind. Always our heart wants to instruct the mind, do this, do that, but the ‘Maya’ will avoid the communication, hence making it difficult to control our senses.

    • Vinod Varma Says:

      I agree with you, Doctor, on Maya. I accept that it is both tricky and dangerous to even understand Maya, leave alone control it. I am neither trying to understand nor control it but rather observe and marvel at it as it plays. I am only trying to seek out to the absolute, so that I realize my ignorance that blocks me from seeing the absolute and understand my own Self

  2. Bob Burns Says:

    Vinod, I very much enjoyed the video you shared. It reminded me of “what the bleep?!” a great documentary on quantum mechanics and mostly Buddhist thought. The one thing that troubles me though is the fact that we cannot prove the non-existence of things with non-existent tools. Or in other words, if we believe in a reality that is absolute knowledge-existence, it is beyond the scope of objective science. But I guess the same could be said of words; language itself is very dualistic. If it helps our world to seek the truth through the use of science, then great I, support it. But science in itself is not a means to abide in the absolute. It is only an observation of the illusory physical universe.

    Another great web site to check out is the science and non-duality conference site http://www.scienceandnonduality.com . Though there isn’t much content on the site, I think you’ll find some of the speakers interesting. Cheers

    • Vinod Varma Says:

      Thanks, Bob, for the link. I shall go through and revert. Entire observation, rationale, words of expressions etc play in the realm of mind and intellect while the experience of absolute transcend these. Specifically, I agree with you that we cannot prove the non-existence of things with non-existent tools. Therefore, science being only an observation of the illusory physical universe, it cannot even be means to reflect on absolute. My attempt is only to reinforce within myself (rather within my pseudo-self, if I may use that word to mean what is often referred to as ego) the need to go beyond the planes of mind and intellect. Problem is that my pseudo-self is dominating more often than not, and I am trying to reason it out

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