Bhakti Yoga vs Karma Yoga

Sometimes, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga are discussed as mutually exclusive practices, as if it is choice between one or the other. In my view, practice of one does not necessarily mean exclusion of the other. Indeed, both can be practised together, though I am personally biased more towards Bhakti Yoga. I think, this bias may be due to my bringing up, or my inherent nature.

It is not absence of waves that makes an ocean. Vast surface of ocean is bound to be shaken by the winds yet it is quiet in its depth. Equally, my experiences in everyday life do shake me up. Ocean may not look great without waves and life may not be a great experience without these emotional experiences.

It is my experimentations with Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga that help me transcend these turmoil into depth of tranquility. But my preference is to Bhakti Yoga. My mind and intellect is in a continuous effort to comprehend and control the incomprehensible but my heart is willing to accept its limitations and surrender to the will of higher power, in realization that it is nothing but myself

I prefer to live, and to be known for living, as a simple human being with all related limitations; limitations imposed by mental perceptions and the related emotional turmoil, rather than as a super human who has risen above all this. That makes me more inclined towards Bhakti Yoga as it appeals to the human heart rather than to its intellect.


4 Responses to “Bhakti Yoga vs Karma Yoga”

  1. krshna Says:


    Its nice to see such articles in blogs. When everyone writes on how to make money online and how to get more hits for your sites, this post is appreciable.

    I liked your microscopic day-to-day life approach rather than dry philosophy.

    To me Karma, Bhakti and Jnana are different beds of the same river. In a river of realization one may dip in Karmic bed, Bhakthi bed or Jnana bed, the underlying truth is the same water.


  2. Vinod Varma Says:

    Thank you

  3. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    Working with values of sincerity,punctuality,integrity and honesty in my medical professional life in public service till my retirement from public service on February 29,2008 in Karma Yoga ;I had hardly any time left to devote in Bhakti Yoga.However,after my retirement I am devoting much time in Yoga and Spirituality in Bhakti Yoga more so in Sai Spirituality.

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