Fear Vs Respect!

Fear and Respect, surprisingly, are words often used synonymously. For instance, have you not heard of people talking about being ‘god-fearing’ instead of being ‘god-believing’?

Fear is a negative feeling coming from a position of weakness.

It comes either out of guilt or sheer helplessness. Fear gets exploited everywhere. In the places of work, workshop, with friends and even at home.

It is often externally induced and manipulated.

Fear terrifies you of consequences and stops you from an action. Fear blocks your mind and hinders free thinking. Fear is demanded by the weak from the weak. Fear comes out of ignorance; not knowing what is in other person’s mind, what is to happen next, what if ……

Respect is a positive feeling, comes from a position of strength.

It is a natural phenomenon caused in the context of certain observed values which are appealing. It is internal to the person and not prone to external manipulations.

You respect a person when you see a person (or an entity) better in some aspect; may be knowledge, power, position, money… be it whatever, it energizes your mind and propels you into action.

Respect is commanded by the strong and respect is given by the strong. Respect comes knowledge; knowing you, knowing your choices, knowing others and knowing the world

Fear breaks; Respect mends.
Fear hurts; Respect heals.
Fear suffocates; Respect motivates.
Fear arrests; Respect enables.

For a better life, better family, better business, better world, nurture respect always and everywhere.

Eliminate fear always, everywhere


2 Responses to “Fear Vs Respect!”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    Do not fear God,do not fear your Parents,do not fear your Guru;but respect and love them all.

  2. nandakumarps Says:

    100 % agree with you.

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