A gentle human touch! A hope for a better world!!

I happened to listen to this video yesterday.

It was an enlightening experience. It shows both how bad and cruel a man can get. It also shows how, even in the face of a worst disaster in personal lives, one can be turn of around into a social cause and a unique success.

What I felt first, during the initial part of the video, was a kind of repulsion as to how bad people can be. Can a man be still called a man without being human being first? Let us not call beast either because beast is better than such people!

I felt an admiration towards the speaker, and a shame about our ‘civilized’ society of which I am part. As speaker points out, in some sense, what is worse than such crime is further victimization by ‘civilized’ society.

It is still a sensitive issue for the society at large. I think, change can happen in isolated pockets and, I hope, it does. I am not sure how best I can help the cause but I think every one of us should, in our own best possible way.

One Response to “A gentle human touch! A hope for a better world!!”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    It was an enlightening experience to listen to the video incorporated in the article A gentle human touch! A hope for a better world!!.It depicts many of us are still to learn the civilized manners and the human society should look into it in proper prospective.

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