Qualities that makes a leader!

This is in response to the blog ‘4 Reasons People Will Follow You‘ by one of my mentors S Ganesh.

I agree that management education is seen to focus on techniques like creating a vision, giving killer PowerPoint, etc while there is more to leadership that mastering a few techniques. What makes a person truly stand out as a leader are qualities like Humanness, Intuition, Tough empathy and Uniqueness which are mentioned as essential.

Additionally, I would include conviction/self-belief and responsibility/ownership. I think I need to elaborate both as they are often mis-used and mis-understood.

Conviction is about righteousness and correctness of both the goal and the means, and self-belief is about one’s own (which includes team, in this case) ability to accomplish well ( and on time and budget etc). Real challenge here is to stay clear of rots, like dogmas and sycophancies which masquerades as teamwork.

Again, responsibility and ownership is often considered as externally imposed. But, it works well only when responsibility and ownership is accepted by respective members in full earnestness and when they are enabled adequately. This can happen only with an inspired leadership who demonstrates responsibility and ownership, acts as a role model and truly leads.

Knowledge and skills can be taught but can fundamental qualities be? My take on this is that these factors more instinctive, more ingrained into the persona and, therefore, difficult to be inculcated by conventional external means of training and education.

Further, while many would agree in principle on these, specific contextual guidance is required to translate these into daily practices by budding leaders of tomorrow. I think these are qualities that we acquire, drawing inspiration from people we work with. They act as a role model providing practicable interpretation of these values in the context of work. That is, inherent qualities in individuals finding expression under a right mentor in the right environment


One Response to “Qualities that makes a leader!”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    Excellence is the result of dedication,intense efforts,intelligent direction and skillful execution.

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