Determined effort can work wonders!

Unexpected, unfortunate turn of events happen in every one’s life, some time or other.  How you act or react, when chips are down, shows your true character.

I am reminded of a zen story that I heard some time back. It goes somewhat like this:

An arrogant man came to meet a zen master.

Visitor was too proud of himself. He requested zen master to comment on his true nature, expecting the zen master to acknowledge his piety. To his surprise, zen master kept mum.

Silence made him feel slighted and, angry at the insult, he drew out the sword threatening the zen master. The zen master smiled now, and said ‘this shows your true nature

Faced with adversities, some withdraws into inaction, or worse depression (I am not OK, you are OK types).

Some reacts violently, putting blame on others (I am OK, you are not OK types). This antagonizes people  and end up making them your enemies. Putting blame on others, in any case,  is not going to get you out of the mess. Often, inaction or impulsive reaction inflicts more damage than the actual disaster  itself.

Only a few (I am OK, you are OK types) shows the strength of character to do the right thing. That is, set a goal and work towards diligently, and only that can get you out of the mess; no matter whether mess was your own creation or pushed onto you. Determined effort can actually work wonders!

Remember, self-defence is a duty to yourself. But, do watch out against your actions getting vengeful,  colored by emotion

One Response to “Determined effort can work wonders!”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    Adversity causes some men to break,others to break records.

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