Value based living, Peaceful social co-existence and prosperity

World is getting increasingly smaller and smaller, and ancient notion of vasudhaiva kutumbakam is now a reality of daily life for many of us.

While much of this is good, there is naturally flip side. As world becomes a melting pot of social interaction, we are witnessing explosive clashes of various social, ethnic, and religious groups fighting one another, in an attempt to establish their domination or retain a foothold in the emerging social order

Standing aloof, yet standing tall is a great civilization, perhaps the only one, that has survived onslaught of foreign invasion, plundering, and occupation for centuries together; a civilization where ‘unity in diversity’ is a daily experience; a civilization founded on value based personal life leading to peaceful social co-existence and prosperity


2 Responses to “Value based living, Peaceful social co-existence and prosperity”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    When you join forces with others,a synergy builds and you end up with something greater than if you had done it on your own.

  2. Traces of a great tradition! « My world, my philosophy Says:

    […] indicates an approach of social life based inherent satisfaction of every individual rather than of a rat race, that we nee now, chasing […]

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