Words of wisdom: Bad men are worse than beasts

Vruschikasyavisham Puccham Makshikaaya Visham Sira

Takshakasyavisham Dantam Sarvaangam Durjanasyacha

Scorpion’s poison is in its tail (so if you can manage to escape the sting, you are safe). Poison of insects are in its head and that of snake is in its teeth (therefore, perhaps, you can manage to escape the damage). As far as a bad person is concerned, everything about him is bad.

I think, human being is the only living being which can consciously strive to make life better for self and everyone around him yet become nasty enough to make life miserable for self and everyone around. The kind of ecological imbalance that the mankind has ended up with in the name of development, horrors like Hiroshima and Nagasakki, etc reminds me of just that negative potential


2 Responses to “Words of wisdom: Bad men are worse than beasts”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    The beasts work by their instincts where as men use their minds to work. When the human minds are polluted and poisoned by bad thoughts; bad men are worse than beasts in their bad actions.

  2. Words of wisdom: Great men are rare (and hence precious), like genuine gems « My world, my philosophy Says:

    […] There may be some who consider life as a e a mere existence? I wonder, what is the difference between a man’s life and that of a beast? Rather, I consider the life of a beast better than that of such a life […]

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