Words of wisdom: Avoid association with bad elements

Sarpah Kroorah Khalah Kroorah Sarpaat Krooratharah Khalah

Manthroushavasah Sarpah Kimudushto Bhayankarah

Both snake and bad people are dangerous.

Compared to snake, bad people are more dangerous, because venom of snake can be treated by medicine but not that of bad influence.

All other living being, other than man, kills or hurts another being only for i) existence (killing for good, as in case of wild animals like lion killing another animal for food) ), ii) survival (self defense as in case of snake biting when it is threatened/perceives threat. But human atrocities, at times, goes beyond all these and I wonder, what is left of human existence devoid of humane elements, other than mere existence


One Response to “Words of wisdom: Avoid association with bad elements”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    To maintain one`s integrity,one has to avoid association with bad elements.

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