Words of wisdom – Friend & Foe

It is quite common to see a ‘group process’ setting in, in all kinds of social interaction. In business, at office, within family and even at society at large.

It is good, at times, as it helps us to move forward as a team while it  inhibits growth forming multiple groups with clash of interests, distrust, sycophancy, nepotism, etc

At initial stages one may tend to see people at other side of the table skeptically but with experience, we mature to realize that difference that we have with people are difference in positions. This realization helps to foster better relations with family, office, business and society at large.

Na Kaschit Kasyachit Mithram Na Kaschit Kasyachitripu

Vyavahaarena Mithraani Jaayanthe Ripuvasthathaa

No one is friend or enemy of anyone else. Social interactions makes friends and enemies.

Once we realize that it is just a matter of positions, we can try and understand the mutual positions and establish better win-win relationships


One Response to “Words of wisdom – Friend & Foe”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    It is not the conditions we face,it is the spirit in which we face them that determines our friend or foe.

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