Words of wisdom – The very essence

Slokaardhena Pravakhyaami Yaduktam Grandhakotibhih
Paropakaram Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam

Essential advice, over millions of books (over millions of years), is very simple. Half a couplet suffice to state that.

The essence is: Helping others is the right thing to do, and hurting others is had

What is intended as a help, at times, turns out to be otherwise. That poses a dilemma as to what is the right thing to do

Srooyataam Dharmasarvaswam Srutva chaiva Vicharyathaam

Aatmanah Prathikoolaani Pareshaam Na Samaacharet

One needs to listen to the right advices/words of wisom, and analyze well, and then follow. You might know that certain acts, by others, can have adverse effects on you. If you do the same, it can hurt others as well. Avoid such acts, by all means.

That is,  do not do unto others as you would not like  others do unto you

One Response to “Words of wisdom – The very essence”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    Maturity begins to grow when you sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself.

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