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Words of wisdom

September 30, 2010

Ancient wisdom handed over generations, thanks to Indian tradition of knowledge persistence and dissemination, in the form of Sanskrit verses. There has been hardly any fundamental changes in human life and, therefore, many of these are directly relevant even in the so-called fast paced life of modern man. However, some of them are defined in the context of social system prevailing in the past and, therefore, calls for an interpretation in present context.

Subject matter cover various topics like education, human relations, society, family, etc. Some of them are also advice by means of simple statement of fact. discussed span

Needless to say, many of these have had profound influence on my thought process. What I seek here is to present them, as I see it, as a series just in case it helps:

Jalabindu Nipaathena Kramasa Pooryathe Khata
Tathaahi Sarva Vidyaanam Dharmasya cha Dhanasya cha

A vessel kept in the rain gets filled a drop at a time (but it does get filled). Knowledge, social systems (and related values) and money are also built step by step


Idam Na Mama

September 29, 2010

I heard a story about Ramana Maharishi which goes like this: One of his disciples came to him one day and exclaimed that he saw God. Ramana Maharishi asked this disciple who was there before the God became visible, who was there after….It appears to me that the suggestion is to seek the observer within

Despite all invocations against the great illusions of life, I prefer the living in the thick of it all. Despite all cautions against susceptibility of human mind, I love its pleasures and pangs

Oru Thaarakaye Kaanumbol Athu Raavu Marakkum
Puthumazha Kaanke Varalcha Marakkum
Paalchiri Kandathu Mrithiye Marannu , Sukhiche Pokum

Words roughly translating to mean:
Forgets darkness of night in the beauty of even a lone star
Forgets droughts in the glory of rain
Forgets death on innocent smile of a child

Courtsey: Poet Sugathakumari

Mind defines, and defines subjectively. Mind presents the world through veil of definitions. Mind colors the observation of reality .

Beyond the veil, within me, is Sat-vic observer observing Rajas-vic do-er:

Lessons from history

September 7, 2010

This is in response to a discussion in Google Buzz on ‘what in life will keep you happy and satisfied forever as an individual?‘.

Can any thing achievable make any one happy and satisfied for ever? I doubt. happiness and satisfaction as states of mind based on some possessions can be but momentary, given the fickle nature of mind. Anything achievable implies that it is not with you now and hence external to you. What is external to you must be lost either from possession or in value, or both, just as it is achieved. Therefore, any feeling attributed achievement of anything external to you cannot stay with you for ever.

I am reminded of the famous anecdote about Alexander the Great.. Story goes like: Alexander had set out to conquer the work; towards end of his life, it is said that he instructed his people to put my hands outside his coffin; that is, he is leaving behind all his acquisitions.

Let me clarify lest I get misinterpreted. I am not vouching on authenticity of the story but seems plausible. I am not denouncing worldly materialistic achievements either. I respect every human effort behind every accomplishments in the world. I respect the human spirit that make things happen. I salute the indomitable spirit of Alexander, the great Macedonian King. I believe, what he achieved (what is that? may be, I shall write on my perspective on that at some other time) was far greater than what he sought to.

My reading of history tells me that he hardly ruled over the vast area that he conquered, in a true sense. Whatever he has done, was it right or wrong? Was he successful or not? I am not venturing into all that because I do not think it is right. I believe, every individual must choose their life and no one else has any right to comment on it.

I do not subscribe to the theory that every thing is Maya (a great illusion) and one should strive to get out of it. Yes, I accept the illusion and I prefer to live it, enjoy it, rather than running away from it.

What I am trying to practice, and advocate, is a holistic perspective. When what you do, what you work for, what you achieve is in sync with the person that you are, life is a great experience. Follow the role models of Maryadapurushotham Ram, Playful Krishna, benevolent Christ, …. but seek within to know yourself, choose a life in accordance with that, work for betterment of self, those around you and the world at large; let your actions be guided, and powered, by the force within.

Happiness and satisfaction if you find within self, and in the moment NOW (not attributed to anything external), shall stay with you.

Bandhura Kaanchana Koottilaanenkilum Bandhanam Bandhanam Thanne Paaril (Cage is a cage even if cage is made of gold)

Happy teacher’s day!

September 5, 2010

I realise that I am what I am today, because of my parents, teachers, mentors and friends; parents being my first teachers!

Sadaasiva Samaarambham Sankaraacharya Madhyamaam
Asmadaacharya Paryanthaam Vande Guruparamparaam

I pay respect to all teachers starting from God almighty himself, great sages like Sankaraacharya, my own teachers.


September 1, 2010

This blog is in response to My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education by Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda

I believe, as Swami Vivekananda as put, education is not the amount of information that is put into the brain and run riot there. It a process of discovering the knowledge within the individual. It should be, life-building, man-making, character-making experience.

We cannot teach a child any more than we can grow a plant. Every individual must choose a way of life, on their own. This should be in accordance with his/her nature, skills and ambition rather than fitting into social stereotypes, failing which life becomes rat race and an exhausting experience despite all achievements and acquisitions in this world.

What we can, and should, do is to provide the right environment, inspiration and guidance; guidance to bloom as an individual; not as we want them to do but rather what they are meant to be in tune with their nature, skills and dreams