Life is a responsibility! Life is fun!!

Some say, life is a responsibility; responsibility to God, responsibility to parents, responsibility to society and what not! Some say, life is fun, a pure joy, an experience to be enjoyed as you live through. I think both the schools of thought are right. It is not one or the other; rather one and the other. That is, a responsibility and fun at the same time.

Life of a man is an experience of consciousness; it is a self conscious existence. That is, a man is aware of his actions. That is, he is aware why he does what he does and why he does the way he does. With this consciousness comes the responsibility. Responsibility to the self to make the most of his existence, and enjoy. And, a man is not an end in himself but rather a social being. He craves for a sense of belonging, and for support of fellow men; human achievements are never single handed though it might appear so many times.

What defines a great life? Often, I find definitions going on just of the dimensions, dimension depending on the perspective while, for me, life is a multidimensional experience


6 Responses to “Life is a responsibility! Life is fun!!”

  1. Lessons from history « My world, my philosophy Says:

    […] I am trying to practice, and advocate, is a holistic perspective. When what you do, what you work for, what you achieve is in sync with the person that you are, […]

  2. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    There are only two ways to live your life:
    One is as though nothing is a miracle;
    The other is as though everything is a miracle.

  3. Words of wisdom: Great men are rare (and hence precious), like genuine gems « My world, my philosophy Says:

    […] and his works are not mere existence but rather a conscious creation.; that combines an element of responsibility and fun ; a responsibility to self and the world around. People who are able to do both effectively are […]

  4. Being the son of Dharma! « Whispering along! Says:

    […] weighs heavy on me as I struggle hard to live by wisdom of practical living, yet living a life of values, in a unique ashwamedha of my […]

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    […] Death is an ever present reality; so what? What we see as truth is not, so what? Goals that we work for every day is transcient, so what? I think the whole point is not to unduly worry about, or be concerned about these, and to live the moment NOW in its full glory. […]

  6. Defining ‘success’ « My world, my philosophy Says:

    […] Success has two dimensions. One external and another internal. […]

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