Living the moment NOW!

It is not so much what we do but rather how we do what we do, whatever that be, often defines what we are, and quality of life that we live! Doing what we do better improves quality of life of one’s own, others around you and the world at large.

No matter where we are, what we do, one thing common for all of us is that every moment of our life is precious. Seconds remaining in our life is limited, though we do not know how limited they are. It is a finite collection, fore sure.

Whatever we seek to do, we need to do in the moment NOW, and make the most of it. That is fun in life, joy, and the real challenge

So, take a moment to reflect on what you do, and more importantly how you do. Take a typical day from your life, reflect on how you do what you do, whatever that be

Where do you find most of your activities?

I hope none finds themselves in Quadrant 4. This quadrant is typical of Tamo Guna. It stands for laziness, irresponsibility, cheating, maliciousness, insensitivity, negative criticism, frustration, aimless living, and lame excuses. If someone does, then that calls for a serious introspection and action to move towards quadrant 3 or quadrant 2. It calls for an urgent help from a good macher or mensh

If you find yourself in Quadrant 3, then you might be a Schlepper. It may happen in early stages of career but as you go along, you need to move yourself towards quadrant 2 or quadrant 1. Identify a good macher or mensh as a mentor and guide who could help you reach the right quadrant even faster

Many may find themselves in quadrant 2, especially during later part of the career. If you do, you must be a macher. It is good, and it is typical of Rajo Guna . It stands for motion, energy and preservation. But watch out, you are on your toes! Are you in a firefighting mode? See to it that you get to enjoy what you do, or else I am afraid you may easily get burned out, even as you strive hard towards your goal. Ensure that you plan and move towards quadrant 1, to enjoy life better

If you are truly in quadrant 1, hats off to you. This quadrant stands for Satva guna. You are a mensh!!. You are the true leader!. Keep up the good work and have fun!

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