The real challenge!

One lesson that I have learned in my life, from experience and that of many others, is that we have the power to achieve whatever goal that we set our eyes on. Of course, one needs to work towards with due diligence. That is daily experience, and not the real challenge.

What, after achieving that goal? Thrill of having reached there; it is there for a while but it is by now a fact. What next? Well, there are greater heights to scale. No matter whatever heights you reach, there are greater heights to scale; a humiliating experience in itself.

Let me clarify, lest I get misinterpreted. I am not against goal setting and accomplishments of daily life. I am not suggesting the path of renunciation. I am not saying all this is a great illusion, and hence not worth achieving.

My message is, greater fun is in the process, greater fun is in daily experience. Remember your accomplishment in the past? How hard it looked and how you managed? What was hard looks trivial now, and it is fun in retrospection. You may not feel the same thrill and fun without those problems, challenges, hurdles, … That is what makes life colorful

We are happy when we look back at our accomplishment, we make ourselves dreaming into future; What I am suggesting is being happy now, while you are at it, for whatever it is worth. It is very simple yet very hard; That, I think, is the real challenge


2 Responses to “The real challenge!”

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  2. Nandakumar Says:

    Great !!! as usual !!!! No words to say… Going back to my memories …. yes I am happy with what I am now. But was not ….

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