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Believing in God rather than fearing God

August 31, 2010

As a person believing in God, I found it always curious that even many religious institution in the name of God promote fear of God!

I wonder, can God be vindictive? Can God be punishing? If He does, if He submits Himself to trivia like a man does, can He be considered superior to man?

I find Gandhi’s speech on God is resonating in my heart

God is purely benevolent, for me.

God is life; Even in the midst of death, life persists.
God is truth; Even in the midst of untruth, truth persists.
God is light; Even in the midst of darkness, light persists.
God is life, truth, light.

God, who merely satisfies the intellect, is no God.
God rules the heart and transform it
God expresses himself in every smallest act of His votary

God satisfies the intellect, rules the heart and transforms, expresses himself in every smallest act because He is but yourself, your inner consciousness, integral part of global consciousness


Knowing the unknowable

August 26, 2010

What is truly me does not change,
What changes is not me
What is truly mine is never lost
What was lost was never mine

I seek thee in me
I seek me in thee
Now I see, now I don’t
I know but I know not

Life is a responsibility! Life is fun!!

August 24, 2010

Some say, life is a responsibility; responsibility to God, responsibility to parents, responsibility to society and what not! Some say, life is fun, a pure joy, an experience to be enjoyed as you live through. I think both the schools of thought are right. It is not one or the other; rather one and the other. That is, a responsibility and fun at the same time.

Life of a man is an experience of consciousness; it is a self conscious existence. That is, a man is aware of his actions. That is, he is aware why he does what he does and why he does the way he does. With this consciousness comes the responsibility. Responsibility to the self to make the most of his existence, and enjoy. And, a man is not an end in himself but rather a social being. He craves for a sense of belonging, and for support of fellow men; human achievements are never single handed though it might appear so many times.

What defines a great life? Often, I find definitions going on just of the dimensions, dimension depending on the perspective while, for me, life is a multidimensional experience

Have fun!

August 21, 2010

If you are doing something that you do not enjoy but you are doing it for making money, it is just a job. It is the space of Rajo guna with traces of Tamo guna. Well, you got to do it but that is not life is all about. Take care so that influence of Tamo Guna is kept to the minimum.

If you are doing something that you do not enjoy and if you are not paid, watch out, are you being exploited? It is the space of Tamo guna. It might happen, at times, but be careful; it just cannot go on and on. Seek your way out, and you will get to end of the tunnel. Everything in life may not fair but there is justice for sure

If you are doing something that you enjoy but you are not paid anything, that is charity. It is a give back to the world that made you what you are. It is a reward in itself, and it is, surprisingly, a privilege of a few. It is the space of Satva guna

If you are doing something that you enjoy and if you are getting paid for that, wow!, that is fun. The more time that you get to spend here, the better. This takes the best of both Rajo guna and Satva guna, and it is the space for most of us to be ideally in, and fits well with the “practical living” experience

Living the moment NOW!

August 20, 2010

It is not so much what we do but rather how we do what we do, whatever that be, often defines what we are, and quality of life that we live! Doing what we do better improves quality of life of one’s own, others around you and the world at large.

No matter where we are, what we do, one thing common for all of us is that every moment of our life is precious. Seconds remaining in our life is limited, though we do not know how limited they are. It is a finite collection, fore sure.

Whatever we seek to do, we need to do in the moment NOW, and make the most of it. That is fun in life, joy, and the real challenge

So, take a moment to reflect on what you do, and more importantly how you do. Take a typical day from your life, reflect on how you do what you do, whatever that be

Where do you find most of your activities?

I hope none finds themselves in Quadrant 4. This quadrant is typical of Tamo Guna. It stands for laziness, irresponsibility, cheating, maliciousness, insensitivity, negative criticism, frustration, aimless living, and lame excuses. If someone does, then that calls for a serious introspection and action to move towards quadrant 3 or quadrant 2. It calls for an urgent help from a good macher or mensh

If you find yourself in Quadrant 3, then you might be a Schlepper. It may happen in early stages of career but as you go along, you need to move yourself towards quadrant 2 or quadrant 1. Identify a good macher or mensh as a mentor and guide who could help you reach the right quadrant even faster

Many may find themselves in quadrant 2, especially during later part of the career. If you do, you must be a macher. It is good, and it is typical of Rajo Guna . It stands for motion, energy and preservation. But watch out, you are on your toes! Are you in a firefighting mode? See to it that you get to enjoy what you do, or else I am afraid you may easily get burned out, even as you strive hard towards your goal. Ensure that you plan and move towards quadrant 1, to enjoy life better

If you are truly in quadrant 1, hats off to you. This quadrant stands for Satva guna. You are a mensh!!. You are the true leader!. Keep up the good work and have fun!

The real challenge!

August 7, 2010

One lesson that I have learned in my life, from experience and that of many others, is that we have the power to achieve whatever goal that we set our eyes on. Of course, one needs to work towards with due diligence. That is daily experience, and not the real challenge.

What, after achieving that goal? Thrill of having reached there; it is there for a while but it is by now a fact. What next? Well, there are greater heights to scale. No matter whatever heights you reach, there are greater heights to scale; a humiliating experience in itself.

Let me clarify, lest I get misinterpreted. I am not against goal setting and accomplishments of daily life. I am not suggesting the path of renunciation. I am not saying all this is a great illusion, and hence not worth achieving.

My message is, greater fun is in the process, greater fun is in daily experience. Remember your accomplishment in the past? How hard it looked and how you managed? What was hard looks trivial now, and it is fun in retrospection. You may not feel the same thrill and fun without those problems, challenges, hurdles, … That is what makes life colorful

We are happy when we look back at our accomplishment, we make ourselves dreaming into future; What I am suggesting is being happy now, while you are at it, for whatever it is worth. It is very simple yet very hard; That, I think, is the real challenge

Selflessness vs selfishness

August 5, 2010

I had heard a story from my philosopher-mentor Dr. Amiya Baran Saha long ago. It is a simple story but it jolted me out of one of social conditioning that was restraining me. Story goes like this:

There was child returning home after having completed his education. On reaching home, he was eager to share his knowledge with his father. His father was going out, and asked the child to wait till he returns.

Child waited and waited; waited without taking food as pride and excitement of his learning was overwhelming. But, days later when father returned, the child was so weak that he could not narrate anything to his father.

Advice from father, in this context, was ‘taking care of oneself is the primary duty and responsibility’.

Brought up in a world, selflessness is hailed as a virtue and selfishness is denounced as a evil, this story jolted me out into a new realization.

Taking care of oneself is a basic instinct for any living being. No one need to teach a new born baby that it needs to take care of its own interest. It cries when it is hungry, it cries when it is hurt, …. well, that is all it can do at that stage. Wherewithal to take care of its interest is beyond the child but demanding is within its control. It does what it can.

Man is a living being which adapts itself to the environment around it, and society forms the major part of the environment. It amounts to accepting there are many others like us and we need to balance our interest with that of others to live in harmony. All social institutions are build on this balancing act.

When the self interest is continuously suppressed, it becomes a case of hypocrisy, putting up a happy face burning deep within. Promoting self interest to the exclusion of everything else leads to creating more problems than one can manage, and thereby self defeating. It is a case of dynamic balancing of personal and political space , rather than accepting one to the exclusion of the other.

It’s elementary, my dear Watson