Living through the great illusion!

I came across a couplet in the epitah of N N Pillai, while scanning through you tube videos recently. Words from those couplet are echoing in me: Did the world create me, or did I create the world in myself?

I have heard, and read, from many spiritual sources that the world that I live in is Maya, a great illusion. But that is hardly convincing because I am experiencing it; I refuse to believe that what I am experiencing is not real.

If the pleasure and pain, the day and night, the heat and cold, the birth and death, the win and loss are not real, then what is real? If colours of rainbow, heights of mountain, depth of ocean, are not real, , then what is real? If warmth of summer, cool breeze of winter, drops of drizzles are not real, then what is real?

I believe that the world around is real, and the Self that experiencing these is also real; denial amounts to denial of my own existence and any related thoughts thereof.

What I find is, the mind is a deceptively simple but deviously complex device. Self in me is almost led to believe that the whole world is created for me! It makes me believe that everything and everyone in the world is created for me! and in the process of controlling everything and everyone, I loose the precious moment NOW, and it is lost for ever.

Let the sun rise or set, let the clouds come or go, oh my mind, stop your interpretations for a moment; let me see the world in its full glory!


8 Responses to “Living through the great illusion!”

  1. Parameswaran Says:

    I searched and got into deep thoughts about this illusion. One of the best example to understand about this illusion, watch “The Matrix” movie. I think it describes all.

    We are experiencing things (that are created by “Pancha Bootha”) through our senses (“Pnachendriya”) and our mind creates the real world (or may be illusion) using our knowledge (wisdom) though, the soul (or self) experience it.

    “Bhagavat Gita” says, we could control our the “Pancha Bhoota” by our “Panchendriya”, which could also be controlled by our mind using our wisdom and we can let the soul feel the ultimate happiness thus.

    I have been in search for a long time; to search what is truth. Gita itself says things in a contradictory manner. Its all depend on th our own viewpoint. The truth is how we see it. Sometimes it is red from an angle, but from another angle it may be blue. Because we are all looking from inside a colored transparent cubes. But the real truth may be in some other color.

    Just put this as one of my view point. THanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Saju Balakrisnan Says:


    You are asking a question (3rd paragraph) in a very simple and logical way and answering (5th paragraph)that question from a different level.

    I am interested to ask you why?

  3. Vinod Varma Says:

    I am just thinking aloud; the one of key purpose of this blog. My mind keeps asking questions, and I keep answering, like Raja Vikramadityan and the vetalam

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  7. Fran Doran Says:

    Research Young’s double slit experiment and superposition; see if that opens your mind to questions about the nature of ‘reality’. We don’t see data packets going by outside our windows. There are sounds at frequencies we are unable to hear. Everything is filtered through our LIMITED sense organs. The brain processes 400 billion bits of information per second yet we are only aware of 2,000 of those. The brain is receiving the information but we can’t access it. (Literally, we can’t handle the truth). Without the gift of grace one will never even know that they don’t know. Without the gift of humility one will never be able to admit (even laugh at) their own egotistical ignorance and open their mind. Without the gift of desire one will never fervently seek knowledge and change. Without the gift of contemplation one will never comprehend and integrate the trickles of truth. Without the gift of love (of others and self)… knowing the truth will be a great burden not a glorious blessing.

    • Vinod Varma Says:

      I had a glimpse of the experiment and related discussion in the net. Quite interesting, and I shall definitely sometime to read it up at leisure and revert

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