Philosophy, and love

Philosophy is a pursuit of wisdom; a quest to understand Tattva

One is tempted to get into a dispassionate analysis of truth, to the exclusion of human emotions and relations. Is that appropriate? Is that right?

I think, no. I think it calls for both passionate and dispassionate analysis. Running away from world is not the way to live, nor a way to understand. Key is to stay here yet stay detached.

Not that I have reached the state where I can do that but that is what I seek.

There is a line from a poem in malayalam that reads ‘Snehikkayilla Njaan Novum Aatmaavine Snehichidaathoren Thathwasaasthratheyum…’. It translates to mean ‘I will not love any philosophy’ which does not love human soul/mind. How true?! What use is philosophy of if it does not understand pains and pressures of human mind? What use is philosophy of if it does not help a person, in his/her daily life?

Dispassionate analysis of science has no role in the realms of human mind, and philosophy cannot be left purely to the mercy “scientific” reasoning; after all, “scientific” reasoning is only a means to the goal and not a goal in itself

Am I asking uncomfortable questions? Am I questioning established ‘holy cows’? Yes, I intend to do that as I believe it is time philosophy extends a helping hand prisoned by social conditioning and chained by “scientific” reasoning

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