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Values and Action!

June 26, 2010

Explaining link between action and result, and related expectations!

Wrong interpretation of famous quote from Bhagavat Gita starting ‘Karmanyevadhikarasthe…’ has been convenient excuse for inaction (whatever we do, results are not in our hands) or half-hearted attempts (let us try our best but best never comes without zeal and zeal never comes without goal/ambition). But remember, Krishna was persuading Arjuna in battlefield to act, and act firmly and decisively

Only action founded on, and guided by, values and directed towards a goal (otherwise, what defines success/progress?) can ensure sustainable success and progress!

Actions helps you achieve; values help you do it right, winning the right way!


Wu Wei

June 25, 2010

Wu Wei, action without action, is when action is a natural happening; not a contrived one. In all other actions, large amount of energy is spent in thoughts

No wonder the ultimate knowledge transfer is through silence:

Chitram Vata tharor mole vruddha-ishya, guror-yuva,
Gurostu mounam vykhyanam, sishyasthu china samsaya

Strange (to see) old disciples, young teacher, sitting under a banyan tree, Teacher is silent, and students are cleared of all the doubts .

Philosophy, and love

June 1, 2010

Philosophy is a pursuit of wisdom; a quest to understand Tattva

One is tempted to get into a dispassionate analysis of truth, to the exclusion of human emotions and relations. Is that appropriate? Is that right?

I think, no. I think it calls for both passionate and dispassionate analysis. Running away from world is not the way to live, nor a way to understand. Key is to stay here yet stay detached.

Not that I have reached the state where I can do that but that is what I seek.

There is a line from a poem in malayalam that reads ‘Snehikkayilla Njaan Novum Aatmaavine Snehichidaathoren Thathwasaasthratheyum…’. It translates to mean ‘I will not love any philosophy’ which does not love human soul/mind. How true?! What use is philosophy of if it does not understand pains and pressures of human mind? What use is philosophy of if it does not help a person, in his/her daily life?

Dispassionate analysis of science has no role in the realms of human mind, and philosophy cannot be left purely to the mercy “scientific” reasoning; after all, “scientific” reasoning is only a means to the goal and not a goal in itself

Am I asking uncomfortable questions? Am I questioning established ‘holy cows’? Yes, I intend to do that as I believe it is time philosophy extends a helping hand prisoned by social conditioning and chained by “scientific” reasoning