Value of values

Often I wonder, what is the purpose of living? Do we live just because we are live? Is that a life well lived? Happiness is a measure but is that the only measure? Is there a larger purpose, and does that matter? How far one should by the ideals. That is, do we have values and ideals for living or do we live for them?

Latter is considered to be of higher quality and, therefore, more respected while former is considered practical, and often practiced. Question gets more pronounced when it clashes with interests of routine life, when ideals conflict within self and with the world around.

I am taking help of an epic character in Indian mythology. I am taking help of mythology only to illustrate a point but analogies can be found in our very life quite often. Taking help of mythological characters helps us to avoid stepping on personal space of people of our times.

Who can be better choice that Sri Rama in Ramayana? Sri Rama was known as Maryada Purushotama. He was a representative of an ideal king, an ideal friend, an ideal husband, … of course, going by the values of ancient times yet he had to disown his wife for no fault of hers, disown his brother who stood by him through thick and thin, … Was it right or wrong? One may never get a final answer

Ideals are guiding lights, they light our way and guide us. How it does depends on every individual. It forms foundation of your character. Values are not something you carry on your sleeves but rather very intimate and internal. Values demonstrated in social and personal relations are only visible manifestations of this character. Values decide what you would and what you would not. It is a choice less combination of what you are; not something you decide to have or not. It is not a question of having values but rather a question of knowing your own value system. It is part of self realization, and it helps to live in harmony with yourself, your family, friends and the world at large


One Response to “Value of values”

  1. Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Says:

    The professionals in public service work for the people. Work is external but our attitude to it is internal. The physical, mental, emotional and intellectual attitudes need to be integrated while working with values. How we respond to a situation depends how we uphold our personal value system. Values determine preferences and priorities of action. Efficiency and proficiency in work, sincerity, honesty, integrity with good coordination with juniors and subordinates having regards to the seniors and superiors along with compassion to the beneficiaries speak of high value system of working.
    *Excerpt from Working with Values in Public and Professional life
    in Yoga and Spirituality

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