Limits of freedom

There are times in life when individual’s freedom gets in conflict with social norms. Should individual freedom be given importance over social interest? It is essentially a case of dynamic balancing.

Society is like matter and individuals are like particles of matter oscillating about their mean position. On higher energy levels, these impact neighboring particles moving them as well onto new energy levels. Consistent and continued oscillation at higher energy levels either leads to individual breaking away from the society or, if oscillation is powerful enough to influence other particles of matter around it, it leads to change of state in the society as well

Change, and resistance to change is only natural, be it change for good or bad. After all, goodness is a very relative term. It can be assessed only in the context of localized context but larger perspective. Both individual’s and social perspectives as well must be assessed to be fair. Decision should be taken by collective consciousness of society with clear and explicit consideration of individuals. However, a specific individual cannot be accorded any special treatment whatever be his/her position, qualification etc as it goes against the notion of social justice


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