Life’s paradox

Objects of desire are different for different people. Be whatever, they are hard to accomplish. However, in my experience, life does reward those who strive hard for it.

What I have also experienced, interestingly, these objects of desire hurts either way. It hurts if you get it and it hurts If don’t.

Second part is clear but the first is not, right? That is, mind gets fond of it, and retaining that experience becomes important. It is harder. For instance, a good food appeals to the palette but the taste last only for a short moment. Mind gets fond of it, and desires to have more of it. When you have more and more of it, it leads to indulgence. Problems related to that hits you hard in the form of obesity and related problems. Hard money that you earn is then spent for better health.

Why am I talking about it? It is an interesting personal experience that prompted, and what I believe a reflection of natural phenomenon. I had been working from the comforts of my home for many years by now, and I felt pretty much comfortable.

My well-wishers used to caution me but I never realized, or rather I just let it happen.

What changed is my new year resolution. What provoked me was being diagnosed as diabetic; partly due to my unique work habits, and partly due to my own laziness. I had put on a lot of weights, and I was waiting for that to happen.

Well, finally, I decided to forgo my comforts of working from home. I travel a distance of more than 20 kilo meters in public transport, and I walk at every opportunity; well, that is a different me now.

What I felt makes me comfortable did not, and going about the same in a hard way is making me


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