Happiness within

Long back, I was working in Delhi in my twenties. I went to Khajuraho with my friends.

Going by what we had heard of, we expect it be an exotic experience.We were disappointed on reaching to find a village, very similar to villages we came from. There is a lot for historians and other subject matter experts but hardly anything for youth from a city like Delhi

What we soon realized is that we have two choices. We can mess up a holiday regretting or adjust ourselves to the situation and enjoy. Obviously, we did the latter and experience is still fresh in my memories even after two decades.

Message that I took from that experience is, happiness is state of mind; it is within. One can mess up life blaming others and environment or enjoy life as it is and have fun. I choose the latter always and life has been good to me so far


3 Responses to “Happiness within”

  1. Arun Says:


    Good to see your writings especially our trip to Khajuraho-)

    Also I see lots of Spiritual writings from you. Great to see.

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