From the depth of tranquility

I have been blessed with all comforts and luxuries yet my mind longed for something. Yet, all objects of comfort and luxuries has been source of pain and misery, sometime or other, as much as it has been pleasure. Pleasure and pain lingers, before acquiring, while possessing and after loosing.

Is this an experience for all, or experience for me alone, I do not know. Perhaps, that is what I am made up of. Perhaps, that is me!

Despite my initial belief and inclinations, I have tried to search for happiness in everything external. I realize that I am not as great as I was led to believe sometimes nor I am as miserable as I feel during moments of despair. I am sick and tired of continuous search, and there comes the moment of truth. Finally, I have come a full cycle to conclude it is within me. Within me, all alone, I find absolute tranquility, peace, happiness and satisfaction which I had been missing all along.

I realize the existence and observer called me, and I realize the world. I do not consider world to be Maya (an illusion). It exists as much as I exist; rather both exists independent of each other.

I contribute towards happenings of the world but show goes on irrespective of me. Yet I continue to contribute. I act due to my own urge to act, my passion to act, my conviction to act; not because someone asks me to or because I gain something due to an action.

There is no haste to achieve, there is no object to achieve, there is no compulsion to act. Only actor exists, action exists, world exists and observer exists, independent of one another. It is an existence in serene tranquility


2 Responses to “From the depth of tranquility”

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