Pure Consciousness!

Discussion on Google Wave “Are people basically good, evil or neutral?” got me thinking again. I am trying to see am I good, evil or neutral? If I am good, is it because I am basically good, a conscious decision to be or a choice-less situation? By extension, is it right to expect others also behave in similar fashion?.

When it comes to human behavior, both intent and action are influenced (not necessarily determined) by social environment. It is difficult to isolate as we would do in science (like separating an element from a compound or a mixture). One such occasion when we get very close to it is when one is extremely happy or absolutely lost. What does one do then? Does he/she intent to harm/help? Does she/he end up harming/helping? Perhaps that determines the person as good or evil; or how much of both shades… my gut feel is, one would be neutral (not inactive; rather unmindful) or helpful

Is that not how we used to be when we were kids? We were happy when we got something we desired, and we were sad when we did not. We observed the world without our own eyes; no distinction between rich and poor, good and bad…. no hang overs, no anticipations, no perceptions.. we were observers, we observed and reacted in our own ways but world taught us perceptions, expectations and customary reaction.

That is what made us different, and we lost our innocence. Finding our true nature is the key about being happy; nature devoid of scars from past. It is a state of pure awareness, pure consciousness. It is world full of happiness, and a world of actions


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