Life is a rollercoaster ride

Life is a roller coaster ride
or game of Jekkel and Hyde
It slows at times, speeds at times
It scares at times, thrills at times

Don’t close your eyes, and be lost
Don’t hang on to pangs of past
It’s gonna pain, till game last
Life goes on, and does go fast

Don’t fret and frown, Ride is short one
It is full of fun, Don’t miss any one
Laugh and ride, or cry and hide
A few moments, and it is gone


4 Responses to “Life is a rollercoaster ride”

  1. Vinod Varma Says:

    good one!!! indeed!!! [:)]

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    […] is not always a bed of roses but it is more like a roller coaster ride. There are times in life when we find we landed ourselves in a wrong place. There are times when […]

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    […] you hold on to anything, there is subjective perception and it hurts sooner or later). Do not hold on to anything. Realize that neither you are the body nor you have a body. Then, for you, everything becomes a […]

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