Knowledge vs Experience

It is said that, Sage Sankarachayra, philosopher par excellence of yore, has been going around challenging scholars of the time into debate,as was the norm, and seeking knowledge.

He had almost defeated a scholar in a debate when he was posed a question about family life. Well, he had to surrender. He surrendered because he had to talk on something he had not experienced and talking with authority about something not experienced went against rules of the game. As per the story, he experienced family life transferring his soul into body of a king who had died at that very moment, experienced that life, came back and won the debate later.

Well, point made here is no amount of contemplation can replace knowledge gained by experience. Essence of life is the experience. All great philosophers extol virtues of action, work, and experience, rather than running away into seclusion


One Response to “Knowledge vs Experience”

  1. Learning to live wiser! « Whispering along! Says:

    […] I also learned that knowledge in itself does not make you wiser; to be wiser, knowledge must be enriched by experience! […]

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