Karma and Zen

Blinded my skewed understanding of Karma Siddhantha, I spent much of my life searching for true meaning of life and ultimate happiness through Moksha. I had struggled hard to ‘liberate’ myself considering worldly action and experiences as trivia. At heart, I used to wonder if this is trivia, what is important? if this is illusion, what is real? Why do I do what I do, and why should I do?

My mind refuse to accept a world where a human is inferior, human is a sinner. My mind refuse to accept an ideology that belittle human values, human relations, human emotions and human experience.

I got to know of Zen of late. I came to know from a cassette ‘What is Zen?’ from Osho. It was a revelation. It opened a new world before me. A world of love and compassion, a world of action, a world of emotions… yet a happy world.

I realize that problem is not the world, problem is my perception. It is not world and action that unreal (are they? how does that matter?); problem is perception. As Lord Krishna has said in Bhagavat Gita, it is not possible to stay without doing anything even for a moment; at the barest minimum, one has to breath. Problem is not action or experience; it is perception.

Action is essence of life, essence of the very existence! Key is to act and experience Experience it every moment!


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