Ashtavakra Gita – Chapter I

Chapter I of Ashtavakra Gita consists of advice to King Janaka, in response to request from the King expressed in the first stanza.

Advice, essentially, is to know yourself. Know yourself as pure consciousness. It is about being very conscious about you and the world around you. You are advised to realize yourself as pure consciousness, different from perceiving yourself as being contained in, and constrained by, the body. By identifying yourself with the body, perceptions and conditioning start influencing our thoughts and action, and that binds

Innocence of child is soon lost masked by social conditioning and self-imposed inhibitions. Though perception of what is good and what is bad, what makes you happy and what bugs, etc has changed, you remain as the same individual at the core. As you grow old, or get sick, you are bodily constrained and that constraints are not illusion but they do exist. You are aware of it but you are not limited by these constraints. Limits are only self-imposed restrictions.

What does that mean? You are aware of your limitations only when you are awake. You are hardly aware of these limitations while you are n dream or in deep sleep. Your mind is at rest unmindful of limitations, during sleep, and that rejuvenates. It rejuvenates, because it liberates and makes you at peace with yourself. We are not talking about miracles here where a person who lost his legs walking. More than the limitations, our perceptions of limitations are cause of misery. We are talking about changing perceptions of limitations caused by the disability and opening up new avenues of happiness, and being at ease with oneself. We are talking about power within you, power that is you, unconstrained by any other factor. We are talking about power within you, irrespective of being rich or poor, young or old, etc. Power is not external, it is within you; It is you! It is pure consciousness, unattached, unconditioned and unconstrained

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