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A philosopher’s mind

August 22, 2009

I am a software engineering consultant by profession, philosopher by nature and a compassionate human being at heart

I am sharing my observations, thoughts and experiences related to software engineering in my blog

I am sharing my observations, thoughts and experiences as a person in my blog

Quite often my mind wanders into the realm of philosophy. My philosophical thoughts are influenced primarily by Indian philosophy. You may also find influence of the scientist in me as well as my reading of philosophers from west; primarily Bertrand Russel.

Traces of influence from my reading of dramas from Bernad Shaw and Somerset Maugham, dramas and short stories from Chekhov may also be found. Most profound influence in me was from ‘Old man and the Sea’ from Hemmingway

Influence here does not refer to subscription to any specific thought process. I have seen many great ideologies degenerate into dogmas both in individual mind and social setting. I try to maintain my thought process, independent of dogmas but I do borrow individual pieces from various sources which I am in relative agreement with